DSP Service by TRG

Design Service from world class international art and design director Tamil Robinson of TRG.

Sourcing Service from around the world which can deliver the best product for every need from custom textiles to trims.

Production Service from world class state of the art manufacturing from factories with high volume capabilities and credible with major global logistic ready distribution.

  It is your business DNA. It separates you from all your competitors. It’s your Brand. At the Tamil Robinson Group we recognize and instill the core components that make you and your company unique and then specialize in expressing and marketing them in a simple yet highly fashionable way. To be a successful brand you will need to become famous. That means not simply striving but thriving in an often-crowded arena. What do you stand for?  How can your imprint be more identifiable and edgier than your competition and how can you energize and ignite your audience?


 The Tamil Robinson Group knows that to make it to the penthouse you have to know the pavement. Rather than try to analyze a market from a plush executive’s office, like many other branding companies, TRG strategists utilize their vast experience in cutting edge, youth orientated arenas such as the music, sports and fashion industries to gauge the ever fluctuating market and position your brand as a trend setter and leader. Once we have identified the key components of your brand we research and test our ideas, honing and crafting along the way so at the time of your launch there is no longer any “Guess” in Guesswork.


Let The Tamil Robinson Group work to make your brand